Officially 2 Months!

What a crazy week!

I am getting transferred to a brand new area! It’s kind of cool, my companion and I will be opening this brand new area after over a year of no missionaries being there. It’s called Bishop, California and all I’ve heard about it is that it’s beautiful and… it snows! I’ll have a white Christmas!


131 Moffett St

Bishop, CA 93514

I love my mission.

Elder Taylor and I still haven’t found a lot of success in finding new people who are willing to listen to us but I have found great love for the people here in Bakersfield and will miss it. I have developed an immensely strong testimony of finding joy in any circumstance!

I believe that joy comes when our will is aligned with the Savior’s and our attitude toward the work we do is positive!

The world offers a lot of short term happiness and long term misery but the gospel of Jesus Christ offers only infinite happiness.

Have a very joyful Christmas and #LightTheWorld!

I’ve attached a picture of Chloe and my companion Elder Taylor. Chloe is so awesome and will be getting baptized on the 17th! I will sadly miss the baptism because of transfers but she has taught me so much about how the gospel really CAN change your life forever.

Christ has the power to change the human heart.

– Elder Parr



It’s December!

This week went by slow and fast at the same time.

At the beginning of the week I helped install a ceiling for a family in our ward! They had to be moved into their home on the 31st so a lot of the ward members came out and helped work on their home to help them have a smooth transition. It was a great service opportunity and helped me get a little experience with wood working and power tools haha I’ll include pictures at the bottom!

It’s been rough trying to find people who are willing to listen to us! Slamming doors have become my best friends while on my mission HA! I love it though.

I have been learning so much in the scriptures and having the ability to study as much as I do is truly a blessing. I encourage all of you to find time in your busy day to read from the scriptures. It will bless your life tremendously!

I pray for you all daily and hope to hear from you soon! Keep being good 🙂

Much love,
Elder Parr


Hello All!

Another week passed by…

Hello all! Let’s dive in,

When we choose another path from the one we know to be right, as taught to us by our parents, leaders, and confirmed to our own hearts by the Holy Ghost — it’s like trying to run a marathon with no shoes on. We tell ourselves we’re not “really doing anything that wrong”, that it “doesn’t really matter” and that nothing “all that bad” will result from us letting go of the iron rod just a little bit. Perhaps we believe that others are doing worse and we won’t be negatively impacted anyway. We convince ourselves that we are the exception to the rule and are therefore immune to the consequences of breaking it. But the blisters will come, the aching in our feet will fester, and we will soon realize that God’s plan for us is for our safety and happiness.

I know this to be true. I promise you that faith in Jesus Christ and living the gospel is the only way back to live with our Father in heaven. There is “no other way, nor means” in which salvation is possible.

In other news, the weeks are flying by! It’s crazy to think i’ve already been out on my mission for longer than a month! The experiences I’ve had in helping others come closer to the Savior are beyond words. I feel so blessed to be a part of the Lord’s work and being able to serve the people in Bakersfield California!

It actually rained last night and early this morning which was crazy because i’m pretty sure I haven’t seen any clouds since I got here haha!

Something important I’ve learned: My prayers have become a lot more meaningful and sincere. Yes, that means I’m spending a little more time on my knees each night, but the relationship I’m developing with my Savior is of so much more worth than the amount of sleep I lose!
Might I suggest something?
When you pray, try taking a notebook and a pen with you, ready to write down and act upon the promptings you receive. This has helped me turn my will over to the Lord’s and understand Him in a more personal way. You have the power to receive personal revelation! Counsel with Him, let Him help you in your personal and family endeavors!

I think of and pray for you all each night, if there is anything I can do for you let me know! I wish you all the best.

Elder Parr

PS here are a few pictures of Bakersfield and a Cessna I found while knocking doors!!


Hello. It’s me.

This week has been an amazing one!

My companion, Elder Taylor, and I have been doing a lot of finding and teaching recently and it’s been going really well. Each day I pray that we will find people who are ready and prepared to receive and accept the Gospel… and God answers prayers.

We have met so many people this week who are crazy prepared to have faith, repent and be baptized. It’s such an amazing experience to see the light of Christ open people’s eyes right in front of me. It’s so cool to be a part of this work.

Elder Bednar came to talk to all of the Bakersfield missionaries on Saturday and it was AMAZING. The spirit that he brings into a room is unlike anything i’ve ever felt before. He talked a lot about how we need to become Agents of our own free will, rather than Agents who are acted upon. It was a really cool experience because it was basically a Q & A between us and him.

Everyone, read the Book of Mormon. As a representative of Jesus Christ I can promise you that you will be richly blessed for doing so.

Things are going much better for me and I love the mission more and more with each week that passes. Here are a few pictures! I hope all is well back home.

 I love all of you!

Elder Parr



My Whip



Elder Kraft and I. Best friends for life. Saw him at the conference with Elder Bednar.

Week 1 in Bakersfield

I’ve been humbled.

A mission is hard. I was put into my first area this past Tuesday in the heart of Bakersfield and assigned to my first companion, Elder Taylor. Let’s just say that he and I are completely different, but I know that we will learn a lot from each other and we are doing our best to work together and find unity in our companionship. The ward I’m serving in is the Berkshire Ward and the people here are so great.

BIG news: Elder Bednar is coming to Bakersfield to talk to all of the missionaries this Sunday on the 12th!! I’m super excited for that! I will let you know how it goes next week.

I’m sorry I don’t have as much time as I usually do to sit down and write today but I hope all is well back home and I think about y’all every day! Remember that the Lord is aware of you and wants you to be happy in this life.
2 Nephi: 9:20 (hopefully that’s the write reference I don’t have my scriptures on me to check)

My apartment address where you can send me letters is…

600 Hosking Apt #83B
Bakersfield, CA

Much love,
Elder Parr