Officially 2 Months!

What a crazy week!

I am getting transferred to a brand new area! It’s kind of cool, my companion and I will be opening this brand new area after over a year of no missionaries being there. It’s called Bishop, California and all I’ve heard about it is that it’s beautiful and… it snows! I’ll have a white Christmas!


131 Moffett St

Bishop, CA 93514

I love my mission.

Elder Taylor and I still haven’t found a lot of success in finding new people who are willing to listen to us but I have found great love for the people here in Bakersfield and will miss it. I have developed an immensely strong testimony of finding joy in any circumstance!

I believe that joy comes when our will is aligned with the Savior’s and our attitude toward the work we do is positive!

The world offers a lot of short term happiness and long term misery but the gospel of Jesus Christ offers only infinite happiness.

Have a very joyful Christmas and #LightTheWorld!

I’ve attached a picture of Chloe and my companion Elder Taylor. Chloe is so awesome and will be getting baptized on the 17th! I will sadly miss the baptism because of transfers but she has taught me so much about how the gospel really CAN change your life forever.

Christ has the power to change the human heart.

– Elder Parr



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