It’s December!

This week went by slow and fast at the same time.

At the beginning of the week I helped install a ceiling for a family in our ward! They had to be moved into their home on the 31st so a lot of the ward members came out and helped work on their home to help them have a smooth transition. It was a great service opportunity and helped me get a little experience with wood working and power tools haha I’ll include pictures at the bottom!

It’s been rough trying to find people who are willing to listen to us! Slamming doors have become my best friends while on my mission HA! I love it though.

I have been learning so much in the scriptures and having the ability to study as much as I do is truly a blessing. I encourage all of you to find time in your busy day to read from the scriptures. It will bless your life tremendously!

I pray for you all daily and hope to hear from you soon! Keep being good 🙂

Much love,
Elder Parr



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