At long last

OCT 27, 2016

Hello again.

PLEASE take 3 minutes out of your day to watch the video I’ve attached below. I promise if you do your best to apply the attributes shown in this short clip, you will develop a greater feeling of love and compassion for those around you. I know that Christ is the perfect example and as we choose to follow Him, all things are possible.

Now about my week!

Something I have come to appreciate is simplicity. In general and especially when it comes to teaching about Jesus Christ and His gospel. I think something we’ve all had in common is wondering whether we are being led by the Spirit or if our thoughts are our own. A lot of times we believe that we have to know everything before we take action but Elder Bednar gave a really good devotional about how wrong that is.

Q.   So how do you know if it’s the Spirit or your own thoughts?
A.   Quit worrying about it

1. Be a good boy/girl

2. Honor Covenants

3. Keep the Commandments

4. Do your very best

“I promise in the name of Jesus Christ it will work out the way God intends it to, if you will just open your mouths. It is in the culture of the Church, not in the doctrine – that we believe we must know if it’s the Spirit before we follow the promptings we receive.”
– Elder Bednar

In other news, my companion and I are still getting along great. We leave the MTC on Monday morning, OCt 31st at 3am which is insane, but exciting! It’s crazy to think it’s already been 2 weeks here. They put me in charge of 9 other missionaries while traveling so hopefully I don’t lose some of them but I’ll let you know how that goes.

I realized I haven’t talked about my teachers here at all yet, but I’m being taught by Brother Baley and Sister Loveridge. They are amazing examples to me and are seriously some of the coolest people I’ve ever met. Brother Baley is actually from Allen, Texas so that’s cool too.

The food is continually getting worse here. But we have pizza every Friday and we actually had subway on Tuesday night so they make up for the rest of the week. They force feed us veggies so we’ll eat them when we leave I think.

I’m not sure when my next P-Day will be in California but I’ll write as soon as I can with my address there and how things go! I think of you all often and pray that you have happy days.

– Elder Parr

Here’s a few pictures

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